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SATELLITE Universal CV Generator & Extender

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SATELLITE is available now from Rossum Electro-Music dealers worldwide.

Satellite is a compact 12HP module that can be loaded with all (or a subset) of the presets and preset sequences from a Rossum Electro-Music Control Forge or other Satellite and then function as a completely stand-alone CV generator. Once the presets and preset sequences are transferred from the other module (via a patch cord connection), Satellite no longer requires any connection to the module.

With one or more Satellites, you can take advantage of all of your Control Forge presets and sequences in multiple cabinets or even different systems.

Multiple Satellites can be programmed from the same Control Forge and synced together via their Gate inputs to create complex polyphonic sequences and modulation contours.

In addition to direct connection with a Control Forge or other Satellite, presets and preset sequences can also be loaded via audio file archives that have been saved from a Control Forge or Satellite. And since those files can be posted online and downloaded, it’s a great way to share and exchange presets.

Satellite QuickStart Guide (PDF)

Satellite Manual (PDF)