SP-1200 Firmware version 1.02

This new firmware version allows users to optionally disable the filter envelopes without modifying any hardware on the SP-1200, while preserving the instrument's full operating capabilities and sonic character.

When the SP-1200 is powered on and no buttons are held, all of the SP-1200's features work as originally designed, preserving the original sound.  This includes authentically producing the original dynamic filter envelopes on channels 1 and 2.

When the SP-1200 is powered on while the TUNE/MIX/MULTI button is held, the filter envelopes are disabled. The SP-1200 will display the message "Filter Envs Off" during start-up.  This alternative operation mode is not necessarily recommended to musicians seeking the SP-1200's legendary sonic character.

The SP-1200 reissue is a faithful recreation of this vintage instrument, using the same Z-80 processor and memory map as the original.  This means that there is virtually no space for feature enhancements, changes, or options.  Fortunately, in this particular case, the filter envelopes could be disabled by changing only a few bytes of code.

To install the update, unzip the download and copy the files "sp1200fw.bin" and "sp1200eefw.bin" into the root folder (directory) of the memory card. Activate the Setup module and key in 23 for Special Functions followed by 28 (Update Software). 

With the memory card inserted in the SP-1200 unit, press Enter at the prompt. After the software has been updated, the unit will prompt the user to cycle power. After the software update, power off the SP-1200 and power it back on with the Sync button held. Press Yes, Enter, and then Yes at the prompts. The SP-1200 will display a prompt to "Cycle Power." Power off the SP-1200 and power it back on.

If the update was successful, the firmware revision will be listed at the end of the list of Special Functions accessed by pressing Setup and keying in 23. Users can use Slider 1 to scroll to the end of the list of Special Functions where Main FW Rev 1.02 will be displayed. "Main FW Rev 1.02" will also be displayed briefly when powering on the SP-1200 unit.

[Main firmware update 1.01 corrected an issue in which the message "Select a File" would be incorrectly displayed as "Read Error 43".]


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